"Despite recent advances in cross-screen targeting and attribution, many faulty beliefs about mobile marketing still persist."

Take a look at the infographic below for the effectiveness of online advertising.

"Why your business should be optimized for mobile marketing"

"As the mobile industry grows, marketing and advertising budgets are also increasing year-over-year……However, it is important to take a strategic approach to your mobile advertising initiatives."

"Content must be a two-way street. Marketing must start with relevancy as its first and last goals."

Here’s some pretty cool mockup templates for Branding and Identity!

"Marketers are spending more and more on mobile advertising with no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, some of that money isn’t being well spent."

"If companies want to reach their target group in today’s world, they have to consider mobile marketing, as that is where users are spending their time."

"Marketing evolution presents how the best marketers are using mobile as a catalyst to make all of marketing real-time & hyper-local"

"When you factor in costs, the case for mobile marketing is overwhelming."