Marketers should stop limiting the capabilities of mobile marketing to its channel only.

”..there are a lot of conflicting opinions on mobile advertising, but it’s likely that mobile advertising, in some form, will account for a greater piece of the pie in the future.”

"Often this hyper-local approach can do campaigns a disservice, deteriorating the intended results."

"Companies have taken notice and are enthusiastic at the prospect of having access to a crew of employees who can contribute, share, and collaborate via mobile…."

What easier way to get your message across than with mini bows and arrows made from a business card!

"Marketers are now evaluating the way they communicate with customers across multiple digital advertising channels on phone and tablet…"

The results of our business card scanner app side by side comparison test and a new infographic to illustrate the results!

“the MM25 will drive against tangible goals and take on specific programs from start to finish, while also providing a platform for marketers to learn from and debate with their peers.”

Learning the importance of mobile marketing content!

Mobile marketing is not only effective but promises to be long lasting.
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